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IVF Treatment Goa is known to be one most effective type of assisted reproductive technology (ART), a medical procedure that helps women to get pregnant through fertilization of an egg outside the woman’s body, in a lab, and then placing it in a woman's uterus.

India is one of the most cost-effective destinations for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and other infertility treatments. In-Vitro Fertilization Treatment deals with all fertility related issues. IVF is usually considered as the last step in the treatment for infertility when other options like like surgical treatments, artificial insemination and fertility drugs didn’t work.

IVF Cycles

The process involves controlling the ovulatory process through artificial hormones, removing ova (eggs) from the woman's ovaries and fertilizing them with the sperms in a fluid medium. Once the couple has been found suitable for IVF treatment, various tests are performed which include analysis of semen, semen culture and evaluation of the menstrual cycle with hormone assays. Depending on the method that will be used for Egg retrieval (oocytes) an initial laparoscopy or ovarian ultrasound scan is done, so that the process of ovulation can be determined.

A full cycle of IVF treatment is defined as a procedure that includes both the transfer of a fresh embryo as well as subsequent transfer of the frozen embryos.

·         Step 1: The woman’s natural cycle of egg production in the ovaries is stopped with medicines and is called as down-regulation.
·         Step 2: ovulation induction is a stage where synthetic hormones are given to stimulate ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Usually it requires 1 to 2 weeks for this process.
·         Step 3: Egg Retrieval is a stage where the doctor collects the mature eggs from the woman’s ovaries and are a kept in nutritive liquid and incubated known as culture medium. Eggs that seem healthy and mature will be fused with sperms to achieve fertilization.
·         Step 4: Sperm retrieval is the stage where sperms from the male are collected.
·         Step 5: Fertilization is a process where the  female eggs taken from the ovaries are mixed with the man’s sperm in a laboratory. It can be done in two ways insemination and Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
·         Step 6: Embryo Transfer includes incubating of the fertilized eggs for a few days after retrieval.
·         Step 7: Lastly the healthy embryos are placed into female’s uterus and a blood test is performed after 10-14 days to confirm the Pregnancy stage.

IVF Cycle packages in Goa

Goa offers very good medical facilities to its medical tourist visiting the place. The patients are counseled, consulted, treated and taken good care by the doctors in the hospitals.

·     The infrastructure of the IVF clinics in Goa are built ensuring the standards set by the Indian government to meet the prospects of the international patients visiting India for IVF Treatments.
·         IVF Experts in Goa specialize in all kinds of Reproductive Medicine and IVF treatments and are internationally acclaimed.

·         Hospitals in Goa make use of cutting edge technologies for all kinds of surgical procedures.

·         Hospitals in Goa maintain highest quality medical facilities.

·         Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists and support Staff are considered to be best in Goa.

·      Large presence of medical centers and pharma shops has made Goa the ideal place for medical treatments at affordable prices.

·         Goa is very popular for its exotic blue beaches, sand and refreshing weather all year long, so you can relax after your treatment and have a great vacation. This will lead to quick and healthy recovery.  

IVF Cycle Packages in Goa with IndianMedTrip

The IVF cycle packages are reasonable in Goa, India compared to other countries. IndianMedTrip is connected to large number of best IVF clinics in Goa that offer latest infertility treatments to the childless couples. The clinics and hospitals make use of the advanced technology, procedures, research and hence the success rate for IVF Treatments is overwhelmingly high in Goa. The consultants at IndianMedTrip help you in finding the best IVF specialist and hospital In Goa. They will arrange medical travel, accommodation, food and other medical facilities for patients and their relatives. Also the couple can take advantage of tourism in India at lowest cost.
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